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Understand the Importance of Drone License Certification

When we get to the personal drone industry, this is one of the industries that has quite seen such a sure increase in interests from many over the past decade. We see lots of drones making their first flights every passing day and the number of the pilots flying the UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, is ever growing with each passing day. This is indeed good news for some such as the drone manufacturers, retailers, children and adults who have an interest in aviation and mechanics and the commercial establishments that need these for their businesses. However for some, such as the residential neighborhoods and commercial areas that happen to be uncomfortable with the flying of such devices in their skies, this is not taken in with as much comfort and as such there are some questions of essence that need to be addressed.

In this post, for the sake of clarification for some of the issues one needs to know before flying drones, we will be taking a look at the particular need for certification and licensing for piloting drones.

First, when it comes to the question of whether or not one requires licensing for the piloting of drones, it must be noted that this is rather relative. It happens to be so for the fact that there is no uniformity looking at the regulations and requirements regarding this, these differing according to the location where you are planning to take your drone flights in and the purpose of the flight as well.

It should be first and foremost understood that a drone can be flown for either commercial and or recreational purposes. In these lines that follow, we will take a particular look at the need for drone pilot licensing for either commercial or recreational purposes. If at all there be need, you need to as well know that you can as well obtain a remote pilot’s license for the flying of drones and this as well is touched on.

There are guidelines that have been laid down by the Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, on pilot licensing requirements for the flying of drones for recreational purposes. From these, we see the fact that if you will be flying your drones indoors, you will not in any way be in need of having a remote drone pilots license or even to have your drones registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. However if you will be flying your drones outdoors for recreational purposes, then you will have to have it registered if its weight is more than 0.55 pounds.

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